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The Aqara cube is a device that gives you control over your environment and electronic devices without compromising on your convenience.
The manufacturers of this device cleverly thought out the production process making it highly responsive to commands via physical controls.
In this article, we are going to review the Aqara cube highlighting its general features, the pros, the cons, and the other information you need to know about the device.

So if you are looking to get this device, best to stick around so you can make a pre-informed decision.
Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Overview Of The Aqara Cube

aqara cube

These days, it is the latest trend to control our electronics with voice-activated commands.
Which is cool and all until the device is interprets your voice command or does something entirely different from what you say.
It gets frustrating and sometimes you wish there was a better and smarter way to gain control of the devices around you without having to yell.
That is where the functionality and brilliance of the Aqara cube come into play.

Being a smart remote controller, it is both efficient and convenient to carry out tasks required of it.
With a swipe, tap or quick gesture, you can execute all intended purpose.
Unlike most smart remotes or buttons that are usually on walls, the Aqara cube is handy and can be carried everywhere with you around the house.
It is an intelligent wireless device that can identify various movements with a device configuration that has coordinated controls over various smart home devices.
Aqara Cube is dependable, responsive, and just ordinarily fun to use.
Let’s get into the interesting features of this amazing device.


Features and Specifications

aqara cube

Controlling your home appliances simply by the push of a button is now a reality with this device.
Connecting with your phone by ordinary operations, the adapter-size
Aqara cube, with six motions, can usher you into a smart life.
Whether for the sake of the delicate appearance or the powerful performance, it is worth it!


Main Features:

  • Made of high-quality materials, sturdy and durable
  • Connect with Xiaomi smart products
  • Built-in 6 stage gyroscope, six actions to work at any time, allows blind operation of each end
  • Can control Xiaomi electricals like lamps, smart TV, air cleaners and more
  • Exceptional appearance and small size can be used as a decoration
  • Easy to operate



  • Battery model: 1 x CR2450 coin battery
  • Wireless standard: IEEE 802.15.4 
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz 
  • Transmit Power: 10dbm
  • Communication Distance: over 30m for indoor application; over 60m for outdoor application
  • Control mode: 6 kinds of manipulative actions, like shake, turn 90 degrees, flip 180 degrees, rotate, tap twice, push


aqara cube


  • Clean and Compact

Aqara Cube features a boxy shape, with no interruption, all-white composition that is clean and compact.
The Cube has 1.77-inches across each of its sides as its dimensions, and it weighs only 3.84-ounces, but the device is surprisingly premium and sturdy in hand.
The Cube’s exterior has no buttons or lights, and aside from having an Aqara logo on one end, it could easily be used as a generic household decoration.

  • Durable Battery

Aqara Cube works on a single CR2450 coin battery with an anticipated life of two years or more under typical usage.
The battery is accessed by removing one of the Cube’s side panels, and inside, the reset button and status indicator light are seen.
Inside of the Cube is a low-power Zigbee wireless radio that affirms the lengthy battery life and relays signals from the accessory to an Aqara hub.

  • Easy Connectivity

The unique pairing process design of the Aqara Cube is quite impressive.
After starting pairing from the Aqara Home app or manually clicking a button on one of the Aqara Hubs, all that is required for the Cube to get connected is a swift swing gesture.
Once connected, you can assign the Cube as a trigger for other Aqara accessories like the Aqara Smart Plug found in the
Aqara Smart Home System starter kit or an Aqara Smart Light Switch.

  • Flexibility

The Aqara Cube can also activate some of the additional functions built in the Aqara Hubs.
These functions include switching on and off built-in lights or executing alarm tones and funny sounds through the inbuilt speakers, which is neat.
The Cube upholds a total of six customizable gestures thanks to the inclusion of a gyroscope and accelerometers: two for flips (90 and 180-degrees), and one for double tap, shake, push, and rotate.

  • Fast and Accurate

The Cube surpasses expectations when it comes to speed and accuracy.
As attractive as the Cube’s accuracy is, it is amazingly fast in how assigned actions take effect immediately.
In most cases, the assigned action triggers in 2-3 seconds, and on the rare occasion when it did take a little longer, it was just by a few seconds.
Finally, the Cube seems to handle long inactivity well.
You wouldn’t notice any additional delays to its response times after sitting dormant for hours or days.


Compatibility Issues

The Cube needs an Aqara hub device for operation, so you will have an additional cost if you don’t already have one.
Compatible options include the base Aqara hub found in its starter kit, so setting it up will be an additional stress.

Highly Proprietorial

To program actions for the Cube, you must use the Aqara app, which is sluggish and somewhat confusing to navigate.
You might constantly run into issues where the app will freeze up for a few seconds before screen transitions.
Also, you might notice selection failures when it is refreshing data.

Nonfunctional Push Gesture

All of the Cube’s gestures work amazingly, excluding the push gesture, which is supposed to be as simple as sliding the Cube forth on a flat surface.
Sometimes, this gesture is never recognized, even after multiple trials with varying speeds.
Since the other gestures work as presented, it isn’t the biggest of deals.


The Aqara Cube is a creative way to control your smart home devices without using your phone or voice AI.
It offers six unique actions to control your smart home devices with additional unique features.
The device is dependable, responsive, and just generally fun to use. 

So, if you are optimistic about making your home a smart one, where you don’t need to crack out your voice or waiting forever for an app to lunch, then Aqara Cube is the perfect smart device to purchase. It is durable, effective, fast and available in Amazon or Aqara shop. Visit their website;
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