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The Aqara temperature sensor is a simple and sturdy climate control device used to detect and improve the temperature of your environment.
What is it? What does it do? What features does it possess that will be useful for you?
These are things we will cover in this article.

Overview Of The Aqara Temperature Sensor

Aqara temperature sensor

The Aqara temperature sensor can monitor the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.
It can either make adjustments to the environment or send a notification to your phone via the app.
The feature of matching with other smart devices such as gateway remote control, smart outlet and the versatile controller makes it unique.

Aqara Temperature Sensor Review - The Perfect Climate Controller?

This sensor could assist you to create a smarter home in terms of the climate control department.
What is even more interesting is that the Aqarea temperature sensor can easily control the temperature and humidity change by viewing the data according to historical records.
So if you prefer a particular climate condition that is a certain temperature range, humidity, you mostly prefer and have used consistently in the past, the Aqara temperature sensor will log this and adjust your climate condition to this metric.

The Aqara temperature sensor can be utilized very well to indicate the temperature in a room.
You can also use it outside but it must be under a shelter because it is not waterproof but sheltered.
If shelter, it can make a very good thermometer outdoors.
It is pretty convenient to use and easy to install.
You do not need to have stellar knowledge of electronics to be able to install and operate the Aqara temperature sensor. 

The sensor is a little bigger in diameter than your average coin. It comes with a connectivity button and an adhesive at the back.
It can update the temperature and humidity data over the Zigbee protocol – and you can read the recent, current, and past values sent to Xiaomi’s Mijia Hub via the Mi Home app. 

The device has high connectivity and smooth to connect with SmartThings.
You might encounter some difficulties in some cases, however, but overall, it is smooth and convenient.
As mentioned in the merits, it is possible, but this device breaks from the Zigbee standard in an attempt to force users to buy the Aqara hub.
Also, it comes with an instruction that warns you not to attach it to metal and keep it away from kids, and you will be fine.
Since all the magic happens inside the Mi Home app.

Features and Specifications

Aqara temperature sensor

On the Aqara temperature sensor itself, there is a small hole on the front panel that is none other than the LED on top, just below the temperature logo.
There are also small grids that allow moisture and temperature to pass through.
It is not visible in the picture but on the top of the sensor is a small button allowing its inclusion in the Gateway.
It is a solid, well-rounded device altogether.
Below are the device specifications.


  • Model:                                        Temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Temperature Range:           Ranges from -20°C to +60°C.
  • Temperature Accuracy:     Accuracy is ±3°C.
  • Humidity Accuracy:             Accuracy is ± 3%.
  • Weight:                                       Weighs 15 Grams.
  • Battery:                                        1 x CR1632 button cell
  • Wireless Connection:           ZigBee radio
  • Multiple Application:            Connects to Aqara smart devices or other ZigBee devices
  • Automatically Alarm:            If the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure are abnormal.
  • Measurement:                           Detects the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure condition
  • Power:                                           Powered by a CR2032 button cell
  • Memory:                                     Real-time and historical records

Aqara temperature sensor

Aqara Temperature Sensor Review - The Perfect Climate Controller?


Real-time Detection

The Aqaratemperature sensor monitors the temperature, humidity, and air pressure in real-time.
You can monitor and control temperature and humidity by observing the data according to historical records.
This is essentially important so you can keep an eye on and be abreast with the temperature conditions of your room.

Automatic Alarm

The Aqara temperature sensor gives real-time metrics on the climate condition of your home or environment and when it does so, it alerts the Aqara hub.
The Aqara hub will automatically send you notifications about abnormal environmental changes, and you can analyze and assess the temperature and humidity in your home. 

Aqara Temperature Sensor Review - The Perfect Climate Controller?

Improved Indoor Temperature and Humidity

The device has smart connectivity to enhance the indoor temperature and humidity; monitoring temperature and humidity is just the starting.
Aqara temperature sensor, together with the Smart Plug or the climate controller, works with humidifiers and other intelligent home devices.
The humidity in the house is noticeably improved, and a healthy and comfortable living environment is ensured. 

Good Device Range 

The range looks very good, and I have my Aqara hub in the basement. The farthest of my four humidity/temp sensors is placed in my 2nd-floor hallway; values are posted regularly so that my historical graph rarely, if ever, has any breaks in it.

High-quality craftsmanship: 

The Aqara temperature and humidity sensor uses an industrial-grade sensor supplied by the industry-renowned Sensirion company with a temperature detection accuracy of ± 0.3 and a moisture detection accuracy of ± 3%.

Note: If you need to connect your device with Homekit, we recommend using the Aqara Hub; you can’t use other Aqara smart devices in Homekit without the Aqara hub. 


Compatibility Issues

One thing about this device is that the sensor needs an Aqara hub device for operation, so you will have an additional cost to bear if you don’t already own one.
Compatible options include the base Aqara hub found in its starter kit, so setting it up will be an additional stress.

Difficult To Pair With Smartthings

Quite hard to pair with SmartThings.
As said in the Pros, it is possible, but this device separates from the Zigbee standard in an attempt to compel users to buy the Aqara hub.
After pairing with the SmartThings hub, some parameters may take a while to start updating, such as the battery.
If you allow it for a while, they will start posting.

Fragile Packaging

Placing the tiny device on the wall of your room may be very uncomfortable, so it does fall due to its fragile nature.
The plastic container of the device is slim, lightweight and pulling the battery cover can feel like you could even break the plastic.
However, considering that this device wholly attaches to a surface needing only to be fiddled with once every two years to replace the battery, I don’t think this presents any issues.


As we can see, this Aqara temperature sensor perfectly meets the required standards for a home temperature sensor device.
Whether it is under the Mi-Home application or under Jeedom, with which it is perfectly integrated.
Using the Aqara temperature sensor in your home is very simple and effective because the sensor uses light power Zigbee protocol, making it a great portable device to monitor temperature changes across the house.

The Aqara temperature sensor can be purchased online for less than $10, making it very affordable.
It is recommended that anyone buy at least 2 of these devices if they live in a house with more than one floor.
If you want more precision, you could get a sensor for each room.
More of the device in a particular space has been proven to improve precision.
If you want to get the Aqara temperature sensor, head on to
We also have an article on the Aqara window sensor review feel free to check that too!

Aqara Temperature Sensor Review - The Perfect Climate Controller?

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