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Today, we at Techzalo will be reviewing the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand. Many gaming enthusiasts usually have a few questions that need answers.
For instance, some would want to know which the latest console in the market is while others would want to improve their gaming experience.
If you are among the ones asking the latter, then you are in the right place. 

A gaming headphone stand is an important addition to your gaming setup.
Moreover, you shouldn’t settle for just any random headphone stand.
Not only should it be of excellent quality, but it should also be fashionable, affordable, and unique.
Also, it should not be too sophisticated so that it becomes tough for the user to wrap his head around its functioning.

Today, many gamers find it confusing to choose the best headphone stand in the market so here are five characteristics of a high-end gaming headphone stand:

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Lastly, it should be available for purchase (either online or in a shop)

BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone BW-GTK0 RGB Stand Review: Is It The Best?

BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand Review

BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone Stand

Now let’s proceed with the actual review.
The BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand BW-GTK0 RGB has a unique design.
This particular accessory has a quality ABS material outline coupled with a slight touch of quality aluminum plates around the USB and audio port.
There are also additional features that tag along with the BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone.
These include two USB charging ports, a power button, and a 3.5mm audio port fixed to increase user efficiency.

Also, this particular headphone stand weighs approximately 463 grams.
This makes it an ideal pick for someone who travels frequently and likes on-the-go entertainment.
So, if you have been looking for a super-light portable accessory that’s easy to carry, then the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone should be your leading choice. 

Understanding More About The Features of BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone

It’s time to dive into the details of each positive of the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand. 


The BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand weighs only 463 grams (1.02 pounds).
This is quite efficient if you want a stand that is easy to carry around when traveling.
Also, the lightweight imparts this particular stand with a modern design finish.

Detachable Legs

The detachable legs make the BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone Stand easy to store.
If you have a small room left on top of the table, you can detach the legs for more convenience.
This also coincides with it being a perfect travel companion since it would easily fit in your bag.

3.5mm AUX Audio port

The 3.5mm AUX port allows you to put an AUX cable if you want external add-ons.

BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone BW-GTK0 RGB Stand Review: Is It The Best?

RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting available on the accessory has two primary functions: (1) The RGB light completes the overall look of the accessory, and (2) you can use the light if you do not want any other lighting sources on the table.

There are 6 different kinds of light available on this BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone stand–Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Light off, and Multi-color. You can, however, choose the precise color you want via a touch of the power button.
Note that the light is not as bright as one would expect. 

Rubber Fitted Pads On The Legs

The rubber fitted pads are located at the bottom of the BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone stand to make it hard for it to slip or move from one point to another.


The ABS material used in making this particular headphone stand makes it durable and efficient.
The stand will serve you for not less than three years if well maintained.
Other materials like plastic will break when it falls on concrete.

Unique And Fashionable Design

The BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone Stand has a classy design.
The 256mm height, 25mm top width, 63mm top length, and 166mm bottom length gives this stand a unique look.
Also, the add-ons (two USB ports, an AUX audio port, and the power button) are located on one phase making the device even more visually appealing.

Best Place To Purchase BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand

As stated earlier in this review, you should only consider trusted sources to purchase the BlitzWolf gaming headphone stand. 

The two most reliable sources include:

1. Trustworthy Online Stores: 

With reliable stores, you will get discounts, trusted shipping policies, security, and warranty. One such store would be Banggood.
If you’ve made up your mind and want to purchase the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand,
click here.

2. Directly From The Company’s Retail Stores: 

Purchasing the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 gaming headphone stand directly from the company has its advantages.
You will get the original device and there will be no counterfeit of any kind. You will also be handed a warranty and discount.


  • Ideal size for holding both small and outsized gaming headphones
  • A firm base to stand still on the table
  • Comes with an audio port
  • Versatile and affordable 
  • Two USB ports for charging other supported micro add-ons
  • You can fix a USB charging fan, a USB device, or even a mouse on these ports
  • Streamlined outline makes it look classy
  • Detachable legs for easy mobility


  • The RGB LED light available on the front face of the accessory does not produce much light i.e. it is dim
  • Cannot be powered from a wall outlet. You can only power this device from a PC or gaming console
  • The stand’s legs will loosen if you continuously keep on removing and replacing them.

Final Thoughts

Even if you have the latest console and the best game, you need a top-of-the-line headphone stand to further elevate your gaming experience.
The above guide has extensively reviewed the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand. Consider the pros and cons of this accessory before zeroing in on a buying decision.

Nonetheless, you need to purchase the BlitzWolf BW-GTK0 Gaming Headphone Stand from trusted/reliable sources strictly.
Also, note that our opinions outlined in this entire review don’t call for immediate purchase.
Everyone has a particular feature that’s desirable for them which wouldn’t hold much value to someone else.
Hence, you should look for the features that matter to YOU and then make a call!

BlitzWolf Gaming Headphone BW-GTK0 RGB Stand Review: Is It The Best?

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