BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review

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In this review, the
BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 electric mosquito killer is up in the spotlight.

Mosquito bites have always been something that has ringed in warnings because of how dangerous they can turn.
On a minimum note, mosquitoes are relentless most of the time and would even leave multiple bites that can turn annoyingly itchy.

You set up your work or turn it in for bedtime and everything’s just right.
But then there’s buzzing and suddenly skin irritation that follows, only to find out mosquitoes found their way to you.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review

There are multiple ways to prevent this from bug sprays to anti-mosquito lotions although they wouldn’t last too long and would have to be reapplied constantly.
It’s a hassle and not to mention expensive in the long run.
There’s a better solution for that, one that would result in less waste.
An electric mosquito killer like the
BlitzWolf BW-MLT2.
This cost-effective alternative has been recently recognized to also be efficient towards providing long-hour and wide radius protection.
Crossing out the constant smell of insecticides for those who are extra sensitive to chemicals and the constant worry of not getting a peaceful night, this smart home device might be the right addition for you.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Rundown

This is another product from BlitzWolf to add to your family of smart home devices.
The BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 electric mosquito killer has got you covered with its UV light that is safe for kids and adults.

Sleep peacefully knowing BlitzWolf considered your comfort when they designed the BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 without sacrificing its functionality and aesthetic.
Powered to last more than a night or a workday in a single charge, it certainly would hold up more than usual insect repellants.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review


Model BW-MLT2
Battery Capacity 3.7V/2200mAh
Charging Port Micro USB
Charging Time  3.5H
Net Weight 250g
Input DC5V/2W
UV Bead 4 pcs
UV Wavelength 365-390nm
Grid Voltage 1200-1600V
Size 120*120*230mm


Any purchase that would be constantly used should be assessed based on the effectiveness of its specifications.
In reference to electronic mosquito killers, they should be first and foremost, safe to be in the same vicinity as it while running it for long periods.


The BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 UV light is advertised to be safe for even pregnant women and infants as it is pollution-free and radiationless. Infants tend to be fussed over because of mosquitoes lurking especially during nighttime.
They can’t very well protect their sensitive skin themselves so an electronic mosquito killer would be perfectly situated in their nursery.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review

Battery Capacity

It would be ideal if you can bring along an electronic mosquito killer without much effort.
You might need it while working in an office or hanging out outdoors.
Well, the BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 is portable with its long battery life.

A single full charge of about 3.5 hours would give you around 50 hours of mosquito control mode.
This detail would be advantageous if you ever plan on taking to a trip and would like that extra protection.

Note that the battery life would depend on which modes you’ll be using and a combination of them would result in different battery endurance.
The BW-MLT2’s 2200mAh battery power can be conveniently charged with a common micro USB cable and work with most adapters.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review


The BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 electronic mosquito killer possesses an optimal UV wavelength range of 365nm-390nm, the needed number to attract mosquitoes.
It would have blanket coverage of 200sq ft, ensuring that you can move or stay around the area still protected.

On top of all these aspects, the BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 has an electric grid voltage of 1200V-1600V  that is more than enough to kill multiple mosquitoes and sometimes even small random insects simultaneously. 


The BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 is modeled after the shape of rocketships.
Although it seems like this is just for decoration, the BW-MLT2’s anatomy serves a purpose.
It is more stable with its legs acting as triangular support and this design aspect also gives way to the LED light on the bottom part.

The connected upper part is built with an ABS plastic shell which would protect you from the electric grid in case of any accidents.
The cherry on top of its overall design is that it’s easy to clean.
When the BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 is turned off, unscrew the cover and use a small brush for maintenance and that’s about it.

The BlitzWolf BW-MLT2’s Charming Features

You might want to keep a few of these BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 electric mosquito killers in your home to totally cover every area and lessen moving it one around.
For those who doubt if it’ll stick out against their design concept, the BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 is small enough and charmingly shaped.

It doubles as an atmosphere light if you need it way into the night and the BW-MLT2 is changeable into three modes.
There is the basic white mode, then the next option is the seven single color choice where you can choose between those seven solid colors, and then lastly the dynamic RGB mode for a combination of everything.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review 

Concluding Insights

The BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 electric mosquito killer is a safe bet for an environmentally friendly alternative choice for controlling the chaos mosquitoes usually trail.
Electric mosquito killers are also modern enough that they’re designed to not cause to one’s health if used for a long period.
The BW-MLT2 having extra features like doubling as a lamp is a step further from most ordinary electric mosquito killers.
It is also quiet enough so disturbance, while you concentrate on your tasks, wouldn’t be a problem.

BlitzWolf BW-MLT2 Electronic Mosquito Killer Review – Smart Home Review

Sometimes no matter how clean your area is, the unpredictable weather brings them in because of nature and you have no control over that.
What you have control over though is buying this smart home addition that would also be less hassle and would allow you to relax while working or sleeping.
Protect yourself fully with the pollution-free and radiationless BlitzWolf BW-MLT2.

Hassle-free smart living is possible with these smart home devices. Check out more smart home reviews on Techzalo.

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