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The BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is a game-changer, literally.
For hard-core gamers, the difference between winning and losing can lay on a single click.
Thus, it is important that all who are serious about gaming own only the best of the best PC equipment.

Gaming gear usually includes headphones, monitors,  gaming keyboards, a mouse, and a CPU.
However, gaming mouse pads have long been ignored as an essential part of a gamer’s arsenal.
Gaming mouse pads provide more traction and minimize friction, therefore, ensuring that you stay on top of your competitors.
Because BlitzWolf recognizes this fact their latest BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is an affordable, high-quality gaming mouse pad to provide for some serious, gaming. This mouse pad is your partner to victory!

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Overview

The BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is one of the latest gears offered by the company to cater to all gaming hobbyists and e-games athletes.
It is fully equipped with all the essential features that all gamers look for.
It is also made of the highest quality materials that not only make it worth the buy but also add flair and style to your personalized gaming set-ups.

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Amazing Control

What makes a great game? Aside from the technologically savvy graphics and challenging adventures, what ultimately makes a great game is its capacity to be immersive.
Gamers and gaming enthusiasts always consider a game’s immersive quality as a huge factor in a game’s appeal.
However, immersive gameplay is just not a responsibility of the game itself.
The player can make use of their tools to make the gaming experience more immersive than ever.
One of the things that add to the immersive experience is having tools that provide users with great control.

For players who prefer the use of the mouse over the keyboard, the choice of a mouse can spell the difference between an enjoyable session vs. a frustrating one.
While most gaming mouse will promise fine traction over any surface we all know that serious, amazing gameplay “fine” doesn’t cut it.  Players need great, they need amazing and that’s what the BlitzWolf BW-MP1 Gaming Mouse Pad promises.

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The Blitzwolf BlitzWolf BW-MP1 covers a wide surface area (80×40 cm) thus, allowing you to move your mouse in any direction.
And, no matter how big the movement,  this gaming mouse pad will never take you out of the game.
Its anti-slip property promises no hitches, and no bumps, just the perfect traction to keep you in character.
What’s more, this gaming mouse pad is waterproof therefore eliminating the worry of having to replace the mouse pad when accidents/spillage happen.

Less Friction

Gamers hate friction because once your wrist slips then it’s a chance for you to be taken out of the game.
This is very essential especially when you are playing a team game, one would not want to be the reason why the team fails.
All games come with high tension, anxiety, frustration, and excitement.
A mouse, while providing, great traction does not provide any assurance against slipping.
Slipping is always a risk when it comes to gaming, it can also be very important to your individual or your team’s victory.

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review
The Blitzwolf BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is made of a blue rubber pad with a jersey cloth surface which helps to greatly eliminate friction.
Thus, it not only provides great traction but also provides you with more stabilization during gameplay.

Increased and Developed Performance

I cannot emphasize more the importance of great tools to an amazing gaming experience.
This does not hold true and is limited just to experienced gamers.
Beginners and enthusiasts should ultimately invest in their tools.
The BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is a great investment because it delivers what it promises.
It is definitely worth your money because it is made of quality materials and went through a meticulous design process.
At the core of this product is its reliability, affordability, and its end goal to keep all gamers, professional or otherwise, satisfied.

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review


Wrist pain is a real thing when it comes to serious gaming.
Even just the everyday use of keyboards and mouse in office work can result in this nuisance.
Fortunately, the BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad also caters to this concern.

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review

The thickness of this gaming mouse pad is 5mm providing more than enough cushioning to your wrists.
Therefore, you can play countless hours without the unnecessary nuisance brought by wrist pain.

Great Looking

Another great aspect of the BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is — it is aesthetic.
All serious gamers consider their gaming setup as their pride and glory.
They have invested tons of money and time for it to look exactly as they envisioned it to be.
Therefore, it is important that any additional gear can add to the look and feel of the gamer’s set-up.
This gaming mouse pad is equipped with 10 lighting modes and rolling lights to not just fit into any gamer’s aesthetic but also add its own style and flair to any arrangement.

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 Pros

The PROs of this gaming mousepad are as follows:

  • affordable
  • thick
  • covers a large surface area
  • anti-slip
  • waterproof
  • 10 light modes

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 Cons

The CONs of this gaming mousepad is the following:

  • takes up another USB port
  • additional cost to existing gaming set-up
  • functionality depends on the kind of mouse used


Model BW-MP1
Color Black with 10 Lighting Modes
Size 80* 40cm
Thickness 5mm
Surface Jersey
Bottom Blue Rubber Pad
Port Micro USB
Cable 1.8m black braided cable
Rated Power 5V<150mA

BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review


Gaming is growing in popularity int her recent years.
This is due mostly to the abundance of games and the recognition of gaming as a legitimate sport.
However, for some people gaming can be intimidating because of the gears that must be obtained.
This is not necessarily true, some gaming gears provide are made from quality materials that won’t necessarily empty your pockets.
One of these gears is the BlitzWolf BW-MP1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad.
This gaming mousepad is simple to use and it also has all the features that gamers need to improve and maintain their performance.

If you need more gaming gear reviews visit the Techzalo website for all the latest gadgets.

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