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It’s a good day as any to have another Smart Home Gadget Review!
Today, Techzalo brings you the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale.
They say that talent makes the greats and while talent is definitely one of the things any budding chef should have, it only makes half of the journey.

Do you know what makes great cooks and even greater food? Amazing tools.
This is where the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale comes in.
This smart gadget will surely become one of your best kitchen buddies.
Not only does it provide accurate measurements but it also supports you in your journey towards healthier and more holistic living.
If you’re curious about how the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale blows all other kitchen scales in the market out of the water, then read on further.

BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale Review

BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale Overview

People say that cooking and baking are a science.
There is truth to that adage but it shouldn’t really discourage anyone from trying out their skills in the kitchen.
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale is the perfect partner when it comes to achieving your next masterpiece in the kitchen.
This kitchen gadget offers a variety of essential functionalities that all professional and amateur chefs need to hone and practice their skills. Also, this kitchen scale is so accurate that it also becomes an essential part of anyone’s health and fitness journey.

BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale Review
Getting discouraged trying Keto because of the need to weigh your food?
Worry no more,  because of the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale.
Also, this kitchen scale integrates seamlessly into the BlitzWolf App that helps you stay on track towards achieving your wellness and health goals.

Value For Money

There’s nothing that we love more than discovering products that give great value for our hard-earned money.
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 is surely one of the gadgets that anyone would be amazed and glad to have discovered.
Not only does the gadget provide use of essential functions but it is also very affordable.
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 is definitely a product that makes a promise and delivers.
It is also proof that great products need not break the bank.
Thus, with the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 as your kitchen scale of choice, you will not only be working smarter but you will also be spending smarter too.

High Accuracy

The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 is one of the smartest and most accurate kitchen scale available in the market today.
You don’t need to have another scale to measure minute quantities such as nuts or bread crumbs.
This kitchen scale is so accurate and so sensitive that it can accurately measure ingredients and food that are as light as 1 gram.
This kitchen scale does not shy away from heavy loads either.
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 can measure ingredients up to 5kg.
Now, that’s more than enough for all your brunch, dinner, dessert, and baking needs.

Practical Functions

The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 also comes fully equipped with auto-calibration, thus ensuring that you are getting the right measurements for all your ingredients.
Note that this smart kitchen scale also boasts a LED display.
This screen not only tells you information regarding the weight of your ingredients but also warns you if the scale is overloaded or if your batteries are low.

Speaking of batteries, the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale makes use of three AAA batteries for its power.
This smart kitchen scale then uses zero electricity and does not contribute to increasing your electric bills.
Finally, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are or whether you make use of other units of measure other than the metric system.
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 got your back with its capacity to display multiple units of measurement.

Easy To Use And Power Saving

The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 is also very user-friendly. Complicated has no space when it comes to this smart gadget.
All you have to do is place an empty container on the scale, press the zero button to reset the measurement and you can then start measuring your ingredients by placing them inside the empty container.
This smart kitchen scale is also programmed to be power-saving.
If the measurement is zero and there is no weight change the scale will automatically turn off in 1 minute.
If however, the measurement is more than 0 but does not change after 3 mins then the kitchen scale will also be turning off.

BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale Review

Seamlessly Integrates With The BlitzWolf App

What’s better than a kitchen scale that integrates with a smart app?
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale does just this thing.
It integrates seamlessly with the BlitzWolf App and the app does the work of tracking all your nutritional data.

The app also contains a multitude of recipes that you can use as a reference to create your next dish.
But, what’s amazing with this smart kitchen scale is its capability to help you make the perfect pour-over coffee.
The BlitzWolf BW-SC4  supports timing and helps you see the ratio of coffee beans to water hence, letting you adjust the ratios to get your perfect blend.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, The BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale is one of the best-looking kitchen scales in the market.
It is made of glass rather than just hard plastic. It also has a rounded corner design and measures 165mm x 195mm.

BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale Review


Model BW-SC4 Pro
Material Toughened Glass+ABS
Working Voltage DC4.5V
Weighing Range 0~8Kg
Resolution 1g
Unit g/lboz/ml/oz/fl.oz
Nutrient Measurement Index 25 Kinds
Display Screen LED
Power 3*AAA Batteries (not included)
Working Temperature -10~60℃
Product Size 190*165*18mm
Bluetooth Protocol BLE 4.0
APP Control BlitzWolf/Tuya/Smart Life


  • Affordable
  • sSylish
  • Can measure from 0 to 5KG
  • High accuracy
  • Integrate with BlitzWolf App


  • Cannot measure beyond 5KG
  • Is not rechargeable
  • Might break as it is made of glass

BlitzWolf BW-SC4 Bluetooth LED Kitchen Scale Review


Indeed, the BlitzWolf BW-SC4 is one of the best smart gadgets that are offered in the market today.
It serves to combine form and substance without sacrificing quality and affordability.
For more Smart Home Reviews, you may visit our Techzalo site.

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