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Today we at Techzalo are going to thoroughly review the BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector. Going to the theatre is not always an option, especially in pandemic times. Maybe your preference is to Netflix and chill. Does that mean you can never enjoy the big-screen experience?
The movies of today are grand, surreal, and overall a visual treat for our eyes. They are not meant to be seen on your mobile screen or even TV for that matter.

What if your friends are coming over for that much-awaited football match and you fear your TV is not big enough for the whole gang?
At some point in life, we have all thought of how surreal it’ll be to have our own lavish movie room.
But that never materialized due to the high cost of HD projectors and other expensive equipment.

The BlitzWolf BW-VP11 HD Projector  is the answer to all of those problems. It is an affordable mini portable projector that not only gives you a great movie experience at home as well as an outdoor setting but also doubles up as a portable office projector.
The rich color and high contrast ratio make this an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor viewing.
In addition, the compact size and wireless connectivity provide a true sense of portability to this projector.
Let’s find out why this compact HD projector should be your ideal choice for any setting in this detailed review. 

BlitzWolf Projector BW-VP11 Review: Is It The Best?

Things To Look For In The Best Portable Home projectors 

Several criteria make a Portable projector appropriate for home use. They are:

1. Portability:

The projector should be compact and lightweight so that you can carry it easily to any room and if need be, even to the backyard to spice up your BBQ party. 

2. Picture Clarity: 

The projector should have high-resolution support so that it can project HD videos with ease.
Picture clarity is one of the most important aspects of any projector.

3. Color Brightness: 

For any projector to work in indoor as well as outdoor settings, the color brightness, and the contrast ratio should be high.
Otherwise, in bright outdoor light, the projection will be hardly visible.  

4. Wired And Wireless Connectivity: 

For any portable projector, connectivity is of utmost importance.
It should have enough ports for inputs like DVD player, TV, and gaming consoles with enough wireless connectivity options to connect your mobile, iPad, and laptop. 

Features of Blitzwolf BW-VP11 HD Projector

BlitzWolf Projector

The BlitzWolf BW-VP11 HD projector is not only feature-rich but also one of the most affordable projectors for home use.
The following features are what make this projector the best choice among a plethora of options. 

BlitzWolf Projector BW-VP11 Review: Is It The Best?

1. Wireless Streaming: 

With the wireless connectivity features of this portable home projector, you won’t be needing any wi-fi dongle or any external app to connect to your other devices.
With just a click, you will be able to connect your iPhone, iPad, and Macbook along with all your android devices directly to the projector. 

2. High Definition, Vivid Image: 

The native resolution of the BlitzWolf BW-VP11 projector is 1280X720 pixels with support for 1080p videos.
The rich color display with realistic 16.7 million colors presents a high definition vivid image.

3. No Stress For Eyes: 

Although the projector is quite bright, your eyes only receive reflected light making way for a pleasant viewing experience with no stress on your eyes. 

4. Vertical Keystone: 

The vertical keystone present in the BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector is equipped to change the vertical viewing angle upto +/- 15so that you can enjoy the game or the movie from anywhere in your room. 

5. Manual Focus: 

The manual focus option of the BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector ]enables you to accurately set the focus for optimum clarity of the video being projected.
Gone are the days of the off-focus videos with this technologically advanced home projector.

6. High Brightness And Contrast Ratio: 

BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector LED has a brightness of 6000 lumens along with a 3500:1 contrast ratio.
This high brightness and contrast ratio is appropriate when you want to enjoy a movie experience on a big screen both indoors and outdoors.
The images and videos will be clearly visible even in bright sunlight. 

7. Multiple Ports: 

BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector has a number of input ports covering all the major input types so that you can connect all of your DVD players, laptop, and gaming consoles.
You may prefer a wired connection because it offers less signal loss than a wireless connection, and this projector has all the provisions to enable that.  

8. Built-in Speaker: 

The BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector has a built-in speaker to provide an all-in-one movie, sports, or gaming experience.
The built-in
3W/4Ω speaker meets industry standards and works quite well for home use. 

9. Long-Lasting LED: 

The LED bulb is quite long-lasting with an estimated lifespan of over 40,000 hours.
Once you buy this projector, you won’t need to replace the LED bulb for a long, long time. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long-lasting LED light (~40,000 hours life span)
  • Built-in 3 watt speaker for a wholesome movie experience
  • 16.7 million vivid colors with support for 1080p full HD
  • Hard disk and TF card support
  • Manual focus with high accuracy


  • No battery-powered option to make it truly portable
  • No autofocus option


The BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector BW-P11 HD is an all-in-one solution for all of your movie, gaming, and sports viewing needs.
It offers high-quality images and videos with 16.7 million vivid colors and support for up to 1080p videos.
Moreover, to complete the viewing experience, it has a built-in 3 W speaker.
Several built-in input ports including HDMI, USB, VGA, and TV port provide flexibility in terms of input with the already supported wireless connections.
And with the wireless capabilities, you can connect your iPad, iPhone, or Android device with ease. 

The superior build quality along with the LED with 40000 hours lifespan make this home projector a long-lasting one.
Although this will need a wired power input, the compact size and light weight make this a portable unit suited to all of your projection needs.
We hope this detailed guide was enough for you to make up your mind.
And if you’ve already bought the BlitzWolf BW-VP11 Projector, let us know about your experience with it in the comments section below.

BlitzWolf Projector BW-VP11 Review: Is It The Best?

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