BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 Inch Projection Screen Review – Projector Review

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We at Techzalo will be reviewing the BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 Inch Projection Screen today.
Many people are unaware of the significance of screens in a projection system.
We end up spending too much on projectors and too little on screens. When it comes to screens, there are hundreds of alternatives – and many of them are low-end, poorly made, and will generate a considerably inferior image than the projector on a suitable screen.
Many of us, understandably, assume that it shouldn’t matter what the projector hits because the power is in the box. That is simply not true and believing it will harm your project.

Even if you are somebody who will use a projector screen for an office, your home also needs one.
A home theatre is one of the few things that may increase the value of your home while also making it more fun.
A projector and screen are the only way to get a full movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home.
Many homeowners also believe that the projector they purchase is the most crucial aspect of their home theatre.
While the quality and features of your projector are vital, don’t overlook the screen’s quality.

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 inch Projection Screen Review: Should You Buy It?

Now that you know the importance of a projection screen, you might want to find one for yourself that’s both top-notch and also affordable.
There are many different projection screens available in the market for you. However, not all of them are worth your money.
In order to assist you, today we are reviewing the BlitzWolf Projection Screen.

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 Inch Projection Screen Review - Projector Review

Qualities of A Good Projection Screen

Before we dive into the review, let’s talk about the qualities you must look for in a good projection screen. 

Screen Design

Fixed and retractable displays are the two basic forms or core designs of screens.
The one that best meets your needs is mostly determined by the room in which you plan to utilize your projector.
Retractable screens are also more expensive than fixed panels, which is something to consider.

Viewing Distance

Even if your wall is large enough, the saying “bigger is better” may not always be the most viable route to take.
This is because the larger the screen, the further you must sit away from it to view it comfortably.
If your room isn’t big enough, you might want to go with a smaller screen.

Ratio of Aspects

At least three alternative aspect ratios are available for projector screens – 4:3, 16:9, and 2:35:1. 4:3 content was common in previous TV series but is now nearly entirely obsolete, having been superseded by 16:9.
Consider the type of video content you view the most and the formats offered by your projector when choosing the best aspect ratio for your screen.


Some projecting screens include additional enhancements to artificially boost brightness and allow apparently more forceful HDR.
However, restricted viewing angles and hot spots, where brightness is uneven and certain sections of the image appear excessively bright, are common adverse effects.
We recommend a screen coating that is applied evenly and without a gain enhancement.
With today’s HDR-capable projectors, those fixes are no longer necessary.

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 inch Projection Screen Review: Should You Buy It?

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 Inch Projection Screen Review

BlitzWolf Projection Screen

BlitzWolf is relatively a fresher brand on the market, having debuted in 2015. Its mission is to give cutting-edge, flexible technology to consumers.
The combination of pricing and product quality has defined its growth and success till now.
It is one of the most trusted brands in the market and has achieved many good reviews in the past.

The BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen is a 100-inch projection screen that has been designed in such a way that the quality of projection is top-notch.
The projection screen comes with a stable stand and is portable which enables you to carry it anywhere. Y
ou can take the BlitzWolf Projection screen to a movie night with friends or to your formal meetings as well. 

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen has a 16:9 HD 4K screen along with a 160 degree viewing angle.
This means that a large number of people can easily view the projection screen without having to sit in uncomfortable positions.
The projection screen has been specifically designed to amplify your outdoor experiences considering the huge size as well as resolution. 

Natural polyester cloth is used to make the BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen.
Fine workmanship, fiber flexibility, no curling, and no creases are all attributes of this thick and smooth, high-definition coating.
The use of a fine procedure for moisture-proofing treatment makes it difficult for mildew to grow. When it comes to cleaning the screen, a muslin cloth can easily do the job.
There aren’t any hassles to clean the BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projecting screen. 

The BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen is made of high-quality materials and is extremely long-lasting.
It is made of an aluminum alloy, which makes it durable. In just a few minutes, the projector screen and stand can be set up.
Simply follow the directions to swiftly tie the projector screen to the frame flatly by linking the short tube; if there is a breeze, you can secure the scaffold to the ground.
The BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen comes with a bag which makes it easy to store.

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 Inch Projection Screen Review - Projector Review

The BlitzWolf BW-VS5 projection screen is perfect for home cinema, schools, offices, weddings, churches, education, conference room presentations, public displays, and outdoor movies, among other places.
The customer reviews online are mostly positive which increases its credibility. 

Talking of the downsides of the BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen, it isn’t entirely suitable for indoor use.
Also, you might have to wait for a considerable amount of time before you get your hands on this projection screen.


  • Comes in a 100-inch size
  • Easily portable
  • Good for outdoor events
  • High-resolution images
  • Easy to maintain


  • Delivery can take a lot of time
  • Not very suitable for indoors


To sum up this review, I would say that the BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen is an amazing choice for you, especially if you are looking for a projection screen for outdoor use.
The price is affordable considering the features you are getting. Buy the BlitzWolf BW-VS5 Projection Screen today and we promise you won’t regret it!

BlitzWolf BW-VS5 100 inch Projection Screen Review: Should You Buy It?

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