BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review – Smart Home Review

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The BlitzWolf BW-WS02 claims to be a portable weather station and elegant wall clock with tons of features packed into one stylish USB-powered LCD display you can sync with your smartphone.
For this review, we, your friendly tech hunters at Techzalo,took a long, hard look at feedback from over a hundred past customers to see if this device lives up to its hype.
So, does it? Read on to see our verdict.

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review - Smart Home Review

The secret to a more productive life is more than just hard work.
It’s getting your strategy right. It’s preparing to make the most of opportunities that come your way.
And when you’re trying your best to do things on schedule in an unpredictable world, you’ll always find something threatening to ruin your plans.

Like unexpected weather changes. Surely you know the feeling of getting drenched on the way home because a perfectly sunny morning sky traded places with a rainstorm.
And only when you were wet and soaking did you realize that hey, you forgot to check the weather forecast!
Maybe you were too busy or it just slipped your mind or you’d rather not tweak with the widgets on your phone.

Wouldn’t it be great to anticipate the kind of weather you’ll be facing with just a single glance at the clock?
It would save you the trouble of canceling plans at the last minute. You’ll never have to be that one passenger dripping from head to toe with a sour face and nonexistent rain gear on your daily commute ever again.
The Blitzwolf BW-WS02 promises to help you with all that and more, but let’s see what else it can do.

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Product Specifications

Brand BlitzWolf
Model BW-WS02
Features Hygrometer




UV Light Monitor

Weather Forecast

Time and Date

Time Format 12 hour/24 hour
Power Supply USB (for Smart Clock)

Button Cell (for Sensor)

Compatible Smart Apps BlitzWolf App, Tuya, SmartLife
USB Charger Type Mini USB

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review - Smart Home Review

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Product Review

A smart weather station that doubles as a display clock— that’s a two-in-one package when you buy the BlitzWolf BW-WS02.
It’s a hygrometer, anemometer, barometer, thermometer, and UV level monitor all at once.
Thanks to a maximum of three smart sensors you can stick around your home, you’ll get the constant temperature and humidity readings from your lawn, your porch, and different rooms in the house.
You can also access data from your local weather station via Wifi.

The BlitzWolf BW-WS02 allows you to track air pressure, humidity, wind speed, temperature, and ultraviolet light levels at a glance.
Real-time weather updates from multiple channels share the screen with a digital clock in one sleek display you can either prop on your desk or hang on the wall. It even lets you view temperature and humidity trends for the past few days.

When you buy the BlitzWolf BW-WS02, you’ll get a smart external sensor with a built-in button cell battery.
Before you head to the checkout, you have the option of purchasing two more additional sensors so you can keep tabs on all the micro-climates around the house.
Just remember to position them in a spot not hit by extreme heat and rain if you want to lengthen the battery life.
The sensors can be installed at a distance ranging from about 12 meters from the clock if there are heavy walls in between, all the way up to 30 meters apart in an open space.
A bit of testing will tell you what setup works best for you.

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review - Smart Home Review

For People with Health Issues

Being aware of temperature, humidity, and air pressure is more than just a matter of deciding whether to commute to work or cancel your plans for the afternoon. For people with severe asthma, this data can be a lifesaver.
When the pressure drops and the temperature rises, they may suddenly find themselves struggling to breathe.
Armed with the knowledge provided by the BlitzWolf BW-WS02, they’ll come prepared with their inhalers and know to avoid additional stressors that could lead to a sudden flare-up.

Even if you don’t have weather-triggered respiratory conditions, this device has another feature to help you take care of your health.
Using your smartphone app, you can set the BlitzWolf BW-WS02’s alarm to alert you when the room temperature reaches undesirable levels.
Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can do more than make you lethargic.
They can cause heat exhaustion and spikes in blood pressure among individuals suffering from hypertension.

When the heat gets too much, our bodies can get dehydrated, and we may develop urinary tract infections, among other health problems.
Anyone would know to reach for the switch in a very hot room, but when we’re busy, we often don’t notice this.
Fortunately, the BW-WS02 can be your personal reminder when it’s time to turn on a fan or start fiddling with your aircon remote.

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review - Smart Home Review

For Those Who Live Life on the Go

Do you have a smartphone? Of course, you do.
You can synchronize the BlitzWolf BW-FS02 with your phone using an app developed by BlitzWolf. Alternatives are Tuya Smart and SmartLife; both are equally compatible.
Using the smart app, you can select channels to show current recordings from different sensors or integrate them with the local weather station

The BlitzWolf BW-WS02 connects to any local weather channel via Wifi or radio. But sometimes the information you get from there differs from the data gathered from your own sensors.
There are usually two reasons for this. One is that your house has various micro-climates so readings from the BlitzWolf BW-WS02’s sensors won’t always match a weather station with sensors set miles apart.
Aside from that, whenever the Wifi signal is down, you’ll experience a lag in real-time updates if you’re relying on outside data.
In most cases, if your connection is good, you won’t encounter any significant problems with the BlitzWolf BW-FS02.

Take note that the button cell battery in each sensor lasts from 3 to 6 months, depending on the climate in your area.
Direct noonday heat is too much for them to handle.
They’re not waterproof either. You’ll have to replace them eventually, but your mileage may vary with each one.

Another handy trick you can do with the BlitzWolf BW-WS02 is to use this to recharge your phone.
If you don’t have a power bank with you, or you’re too lazy to locate your phone charger, you can plug your phone into the BlitzWolf BW-WS02’s mini-USB port, so long as you have a data cable.
Just remember not to unplug the clock itself while charging, since it doesn’t come equipped with a battery of its own.

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review - Smart Home Review


For Those in It for Aesthetics

It’s minimalist. It’s modern. It’s cool.
The BlitzWolf BW-WS02’s large LCD display is easy on the eye, with good contrast and clearly readable symbols.
This is especially good news for all near-sighted folks out there.
Three available brightness levels range from very bright (100%), to moderate (60%), to night mode (30%), which is extra helpful if you don’t want excessive blue light disrupting your sleep patterns at night.

You can choose between a 12-hour and 24-hour format.
If you prefer Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice-versa, you can easily adjust that using the app.
Feel free to customize it to fit what works for you.


  • The BlitzWolf BW-WS02 can be connected to up to three external sensors.
  • It has six weather forecast modes and multiple functions.
  • The LCD display is made for easy viewing.
  • It can be synced with your phone and official weather stations via Wifi.
  • It supports smart app integration for selecting channels and changing settings.
  • You can charge your phone by connecting it via data cable to the BlitzWolf BW-WS02’s mini-USB port.


  • As much as possible, the BlitzWolf BW-WS02’s external sensors should not be exposed to direct sun or rain.
  • Depending on the Wifi connection, readings from local weather stations may be delayed. Of all the features, most reviewers had issues with the barometer accuracy.
  • Although it works well with at least three prominent smart apps, users have noted that the BlitzWolf BW-WS02 does not integrate with Google Assistant or Alexa. Users in countries with restricted access to Google Play and the App Store have also reported difficulties when attempting to sync the device with their phones.
  • Because the clock itself does not run on battery, it needs to remain plugged in at all times.

BlitzWolf BW-WS02 Smart WiFi Weather Station Clock Review - Smart Home Review


Time is gold and time well spent is worth a diamond.
You have to be ready to give your best when opportunities come knocking at your door, and you can’t do that if you don’t stay on top of the situation.
Never let yourself get caught unprepared when rain and snow conspire to sabotage your daily plans.
So long as the lights don’t go off, the BW-WS02 always tells you what’s coming.

You can be your own weather reporter with the BW-WS02.
It has lots of features and minimal drawbacks.
Get one for yourself and you’ll find it really does feel like having your own weather station operating right within the convenience of your home.

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