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Techzalo aims to scour the worth-its and best-buys in the market that wouldn’t break the bank.
In this review, we dive into the BlitzWolf  BW-PL5’s best attributes.
Also, we will further discuss as to why this charger is a valuable purchase.


Nowadays, devices and electronics are introduced left and right, a phone here, a laptop there, it all comes together and fits in our daily routine.
One thing they have in common is the need for power.
As much as the technology is developing, most devices still require chargers for their batteries.
The thing is, we strive to acquire products to make things easier but it would be better if they would stack up perfectly in our space as well.

USB port chargers have been introduced to the tech market for a while now, it started as a convenient way to switch cords or plugin USB types without stringing along with multiple adaptors.
Then they upgraded into multi-ports wherein you can connect multiple cables and charge electronics simultaneously.
This prevented the idea of charger hauls and kept up with the increasing acquiring of devices by consumers.

The market for multi-ports usually tests their ability to regulate and distribute power to a number of electronics simultaneously, and although that seems simple enough as the thought of having chargers in the household is mundane in this day and age, our insight on this product would add to the evaluation of what USB Charger you should buy next.

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review

Another addition to the BlitzWolf line of multi-port USB chargers, the BW-PL5 offers not two, not three, but four USB ports.
This is more than their other unit with the same compact weight.
BlitzWolf is a tech product company with a vision to simplify consumers’ lives without compromising the quality they produce.
They offer a wide range and variety of products but their execution of fast chargers became a brand landmark.

Now with their ever-developing tech and maintenance of high standards, they are able to reach an international market.
Moreover, if your main concern is the stability and the protection of your devices, the BlitzWolf BW-PL5 is a good bet of providing both the option fast charging and a regular known standard with the addition of advanced protection features.


Created to give you the power and give it to you fast.
The Blitzwolf BW-PL5’s capacity consists of a maximum combined 35W between all of its ports, more than enough for your daily charging needs.
A standout among those ports is the QC3.0 for fast charging.
A reliable design if you’re in a rush to get work done or impatient to pick up your device to play already.
The rest of the three ports carry the regular, but reasonable, 5V power each to ensure safe but efficient charging.

BlitzWolf BW-PL5 Design

Although power would most likely be the priority when buying chargers, it wouldn’t hurt for it to also be aesthetically satisfying.
The whole look of the Blitzwolf BW-PL5 is both minimal and sleek.
It’s designed with a modern feel with its glossy white plastic case and a supporting carbon fiber plate on the ports that would also act as a small aid in regulating the charger’s temperature.
All of these details are topped by a red countered edge that gives the BW-PL5 a distinct look.
The ports are also labeled to make them easier to distinguish and the plug is a standard European version.

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review


A multi-port charger reduces the need for multiple chargers by a large gap, literally.
There would be less need for large extensions that you could easily trip on or accidentally unplug wrong identical chargers.
The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 can work as your main charger as you travel as it is lightweight and is the same size as the other models in this series but offers a maximum of four ports.
Better than a whole bag of individual chargers and bulky extensions, go for the BlitzWolf BW-PL5.

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review

Smart Functionality

With all the things and devices to juggle, the concern if your charger can hold up shouldn’t be one of them.
How compatible is the BW-PL5 USB really with different devices especially when they are plugged simultaneously?


With the BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB’s over-voltage protection, your devices would be safely receiving the power they need without going beyond their batteries preset level individually, even when another device with a different power specification is plugged in.
That means you can charge up to four devices all at once without having to products by power capacity.
Since the BlitzWolf BW-PL5 expects four devices at the very least, it offers an over-current protection feature.
Possibly dealing with a variety of cables and products along with plugs, there is wariness if they would be safe in any case that a short circuit would occur.
This smart detail would greatly act as a barrier to protect each device.

If those enumerated above still wouldn’t calm your frantic worrying heart, the BW-PL5’s short-circuit protection is another detail to note. Almost the same with the over-current protection feature, the difference with this one is the shutdown time of the charger when a malfunction is in the midst.
This means when possible short-circuiting is detected, this protection would kick in a flash.


  • Offers fast charging
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Three protection features


  • Limited to USB-A type
  • Packaging is fragile
  • Only one fast charging port

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review

The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB Charger Review


The BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB charger is straightforward with what it can offer.
Just hanging out? You’ve got three ports to recharge from your phone to your tablet and even to your other phone.
On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry, there’s that special fast-charging port it sports to stride with you in this fast-paced world.
In addition to its compatibility with multiple electronics and devices, the BW-PL5 appeals with its stylish design, a usual trait with BlitzWolf products.
The duality of the BlitzWolf BW-PL5 USB shines through when it can be a new member of your travel essential with its lightweight and compact build as well as become a home staple.

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