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This assessment about the
BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 would show exactly what advantages you’ll be getting as an advanced muscle massager when you choose to buy it.
Most health professionals would recommend including exercise in our regular regimen.
It comes with the benefit of keeping us healthy while also challenging our bodies.
Some would even take it to new lengths of finding a favorite sport as a way of exercise to make it more fun and some would even make a career out of it.

Despite what physical strengthening can do for our body, it does come with a downside. There’s muscle soreness and tension.
There’s also the possibility of being instantly injured, or if not prevented, being hurt in the long run.
Something as simple as daily walking could be a source of damaged muscle if proper recovery methods wouldn’t be followed.

This is why along with the recommendation of following proper techniques when it comes to exercise and sports, one should always adhere to practicing methods.

A massage gun like the BlitzWolf’s is a device that has been recently gaining fame in the industry as it proves to be more than beneficial than using basic methods.
It also saves you time and money instead of always scheduling massage appointments.

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review

Massage guns like the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 made their mark in the sports and health industry for resulting in a lot of benefits targeting recovery.
They are also efficient than just being useful as you wouldn’t need to be occupied with them before reaping maximum benefits.
The BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 is a strong competitor in the market if you would consider all the specifications it possesses without compromising its portability and power. 


Model BW-FAS1
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Weight 515g
Power 40W
Material Aluminum Alloy


The speed and intensity are very important when opting to choose the best massage gun for you.
Since you’ll need to get the vibration from the product to your body to get that deep muscle massage that it will serve.
One of the best features of the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 is its brushless motor, which contributes to its strength and reliability along with other bonus advantages.

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review

Strength of the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1’s brushless motor

As a massage gun, the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 relies heavily on how consistent its intensity would be while delivering vibration and pulses for a lengthy time.
The repeated motion is expected to wear and tear the inside of a product but fortunately, the BW-FAS1 is built with a brushless motor to prolong its efficiency and purpose.

Brushless motors offer higher torque to weight ratio, meaning it’s small but it packs a punch. Literally.
This way you wouldn’t have to worry about it not meeting its highest power even though it’s compact and feel like you’re compromising on what you paid for.

Adjustable Speed

There’s a certain intensity that’ll be comfortable for each person and a kind of recovery like physical activities.
The BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 has four adjustable gears to find what can easily suit you best up to 2600r/m.

Starting with the first two gears, this option is the most subtle and is intended for relaxation and activating muscles.
Next would be three gears.
Stronger than the first one, three gears working would be able to relieve cramps and soreness caused by built-up lactic acid.

The last one would be the maximum of four gears.
Although all of the gear options offer percussive therapy, having four gears working would work on that deep muscle massage your body needs.

Life Span

Another major benefit of the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1’s brushless motor is its ability to regulate temperature when it’s of use and the obvious fact that it doesn’t have brushes to get worn out, to begin with.
No brushes would contribute to the fact that there would be less maintenance and in return be more reliable in having a longer life span without much constant damage.


We’ve talked about the multiple things the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 can do, now we are gonna delve into how compatible it is with you.
The BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 handling comes uncomplicated as it is built with just one button for turning on and changing gears. 

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review


You’ve already got sore muscles, to begin with, you should opt to not lug around a heavy tool when its main purpose is to give you relief. Weighing only 515g and roughly a couple of inches in height, the BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 would easily fit in your go-to bag.
The BW-FAS1 is also designed ergonomically to be comfortable to hold while using until the targeted relief is achieved.

Battery Endurance

The BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 is reasonably built with a 2000mAh battery power that could serve as long as seven hours in total while it only takes two hours to have it fully charged.
To protect your BW-FAS1, BlitzWolf constructed it to have a smart chip that would prevent short-circuit and overload power protection.


Four replaceable massage heads are included whenever you acquire a BlitzWolf BW-FAS1.
These included massage heads would serve different parts of your body in the best way instead of making the device a one size fits all kind of deal.

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review

BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 Electric Percussion Massage Gun Review

Final Thoughts

We tend to rack our brains on what’s the best way to work our bodies that we tend to forget the stress it comes with.
Massage guns like the  BlitzWolf BW-FAS1 are a good constant source of muscle relief which would ultimately lead to the lessening of stress.
There would be other options of course but this is the perfect balance of advanced and all-rounders.

Although there are a lot of options already for massage guns, they tend to be on the more expensive side and would be enough to sway one’s decision to buy one.
BlitzWolf on the other hand offers products with the same purpose without having to chip your pocket.

So this is a perfect opportunity to buy yourself one and look forward to having your own personal masseuse even in the comfort of your own home.

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